My First Trip to the Art Institute – A. Nicole

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay… things have definitely been crazy busy.

However, as an avid art lover, I wanted to share with you my trip to the Art Institute of Chicago last month. Before Mikii and I made it to the institute, we made a few other stops along the way downtown. We stopped by the Chicago Cultural Center and then braved the wind and rain to explore both Millennium Park & Maggie Daley Park. I personally hadn’t ventured past Millennium Park, so it was great to be able to explore something new.

One of my favorite things to do in any city is visit their art museums. I could spend hours out of the day inside of an art museum just enjoying the magnificent works around me. One of my favorite museums is the Met in New York City. To be honest, I’ve never made it all the way through the Met because each time I go I have to start at the beginning again because there is always something new to see!

I’m one of those people you see in the movies that stand and stare at a piece of art trying to picture exactly what the artist is trying to communicate (don’t worry, I don’t always know what they’re saying). I love to sit on the benches in the middle of the room and submerge myself in the creativity and magic of the art. There is something beautiful about the colors that stand out against the pure white wall that a piece hangs on.

Below are some pictures from our adventure through the Art Institute…

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte – Seurat
Sandvika, Norway – Monet
White Crucifixion – Chagall
Julius Caesar
Mosaic Floor Fragment
Wall Fragment from Pompeii


There was one piece of art that I really found fascinating. When we first arrived, we went straight into the galleries to look at the different paintings. One of first ones I came across really captured my attention:

At first glance, it might be hard to identify what is going on. But with some knowledge of the Greek & Roman gods, it is easy to identify the focus of this piece as the infant Cupid. The piece by Leon Davent is titled, “Cupid with Bandaged Eyes.” A blindfolded Cupid displays the chaos that can be caused by love. Davent’s piece is depicting the metaphor “Love is blind.”

Until next time…

A. Nicole

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