Faves and Non Faves 2016! || SkinCare -Mikii

Favorites 2016! || SkinCare -Mikii


Disclaimer: This is not sponsored! This is completely my opinion!
Hello loves!
I just wanted to share my skin care favorites of 2016. This whole year I have been receiving samples of different skincare lines that I have fallen in love with and have purchased. One of the brands that I have been loving this year was FreshThis brand really blew my mind with how amazing it works. The second brand that I tried out this year was TATCHA, I heard so many good reviews about this brand so I decided to purchase the sample gift set to test it out before buying the full sized product; of course I was not disappointed, and now I am including this brand in my faves of the year. The last brand I will talk about is a brand that you can literally find at your local drug store. Neutrogena is the brand that I went back to because I had forgotten how amazing and affordable it is.
My Hates for this year were just two products. One from Tatcha and the other from EOS.
Now enough talking and lets get into the products which you have probably seen a picture of above:
  •  Tatcha:
    • One step camellia cleansing oil: This product does such a good job removing my makeup off and gives a little moisture to my skin as well. I like to follow with a scrub after.
    • Supple (Moisture rich silk cream): This is seriously my favorite Tatcha product ever! It feels so amazing on the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and nourished.
  • Fresh:
    • Rose Face Mask (Infused with real rose petals; Hydrates and Tones): Not only does it smell amazing, and feel amazing but it does exactly what it claims to do. My skin feels fresh, clean, and moisturized.
    • Rose Hydrating eye gel cream: I have very dry under eyes that cause my concealer to crease. When I started using this product on my under eyes I immediately noticed a difference! my under eyes are now brighter and nicely hydrated.

Non Faves:

  • Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist: It was a product I bought because everyone was raving about and they were saying how amazing it was but literally I noticed nothing different about my skin or makeup after applying this product. I recommend getting a sample of this before buying it.
  • EOS lip balm: I love that this lip balm is affordable and i love the flavors but it never helps out my dry lips. like seriously does nothing for them but while its on it does feel nice but thats only when its on because my lips are still chapped.

Thanks for reading my post and don’t forget to follow us on our social media pages! remember that you are beautiful and smart!

Love, Mikii

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